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Friday links

It’s Friday, and therefore time for a look at what’s been flying around the studio mailing list!

Timo sent in a link to a Bat for Lashes cover story on Pitchfork which features some well paced parallax and animation effects.

Staying in the same vein, Saar posted a link to a BBC News article cum infographic entitled James Bond: Cars, catchphrases and kisses.

Joe shared the latest Boston Dynamic / DARPA robot video that was allowed to become public. Just think what they must have left on the cutting room floor.

Alex posted a video of an odd looking experimental car from Nissan called the Deltawing.

In commemoration of CEEFAX closing down this week, I posted a link to a lovely, nostalgic Twitter client called Twefax.

Lastly, I’m sneaking this in as a bonus, since it didn’t get posted to our internal mailing list, but it’s an interesting peek into the hidden infrastructure that is needed to run very large scale web services.

That’s a wrap. Have a good weekend folks!

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