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Blog posts from August 2013

Week 429

Another four day week for #429 as we were all off yesterday enjoying the sunny Bank Holiday Monday. The 429 is a bus that goes from Crockenhill to my home town of Dartford, or the other way, of course. It’s also the model number of a rare Ford Mustang variant named the Boss 429, which is one of the better looking muscle cars. Oh, and a Bell 429 Helicopter, which is less interesting.

Work themes this week: Chaco, Siniwava, Little Printer, Lawyers, insurance.

Music themes this week: A lot of people are going to see a lot of bands (with guitars) that I’ve never heard of. Adam’s going to see a band I’ve never heard of here, which looks pretty good.

New trends this week: Fraser’s been walking around with half a stamp stuck to his elbow. Bold, take note.

People not in the office at the time of writing this blog post: Kari, Nick, Phil.

Two main work streams this week that don’t involve lawyers or insurance consolidation. Denise, Alice, Adam, Fraser, Alex (me), and Andy are working on Little Printer / BERG Cloud things including: servers, hardware, social media, customer service, hackdays, design. Jack, Neil, Andy, Dan and Mark are working on various aspects of Chaco, whilst Joe, Charlie (remotely), Laurence (remotely), Saar (remotely) and me (Alex) are working on bits of Siniwava. Helen is keeping the office running perfectly and making sure we all get paid, as usual.

We haven’t had that much music on in the office lately, but I’ve been digging through past FACT Magazine Mixes for some background music. If you like that kind of thing, you might also enjoy MJ Cole’s Panoramic EP, which is brilliant.


Welcome Phil Gyford

He’s already received his shop coat and has teamed up with Alice to form BERG’s crack cryptic crossword team, so after a good 4 months of working with us it’s high time I gave our newest team member, Phil Gyford, a proper welcome post!

Phil has been an extraordinary presence in the UK web industry ever since I first got to know him back in the late 90s, and I’ve admired his work throughout the intervening time. He’s not only a first class Creative Technologist, having designed and implemented many beautiful, innovative websites, he’s also been an actor, model maker, illustrator and futurist. This diversity is rare to find in somebody who is also capable of focus and execution. His own website is testament to his vast back catalogue.

For me one of the most valuable things Phil brings into the team is an incredible attention to detail. You only have to look at his recent work on our Github account to see that in full effect. When creating the relatively straight forward Little Printer Miniseries engine in PHP Phil’s written over 3000 words of documentation and examples as well as fully commented code. This is great in and of itself, but the fact that it immediately opened up Little Printer to people who’d previously considered it out of their reach proves how powerful great documentation can be.

As BERG Cloud grows in terms of capability and features, demonstrating and communicating these becomes ever more important and Phil’s going to be key in making that happen.

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