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Week 432

An incredibly terse set of weeknotes, as we’re all busy bees this week. In no particular order (actually its the order we sat round the table):

JS – Chaco
KS – Prep for MW’s return
NL & ASJ – Sockets
MC – Sinawava
DB & TH – Chaco
PG – Various LP Publications
DF – Chaco
NU – Chaco
LM – Animations; More 2D than 3D
DW – Cloudy Wireframes
AJ – Exhibitions & Sinawava
HR – Backdated company admin
FL – Zendesk & gathering LPs from the globe
JM – Sinawava wireframes
AH – Devkits & supply chain

We also have a new Laser Cutter, and for the most part it’s going to be cutting things.

Before this:

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