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Thursday links

Its Friday links, transposed to Thursday as I’m off to the beach tomorrow! Here’s a run-down of some of the what’s been flying around the studio mailing list this week.

Kokeshi Matches

Neil spotted some VERY cute matches on That Should Be Mine. As Denise pointed out, there’s loads more at

Alex spotted an article on about artist Patrick Flanagan who uses “robot” drummers.

Alice passed round an article on Microsoft’s Illumiroom concept as reported on The Verge, augmenting your television by letting the content spill out into the surroundings.


Lastly Denise linked to a lovely site about the scale of time called

Although not strictly Friday Links material, I also made a post on about our dev board progress, including a little animated gif showing it booting up.

Before this:

After this:

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  • 1. Loïs Boullu said on 3 May 2013...

    I really like the Friday links !
    I went on the other posts and realised there were not as frequent as recently, I hope you’ll keep posting often !

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