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Week 386

Hello people of the Internet. I’m the newest member of BERG and this is my very first blog post. It’s a very short list of stuff that’s going on during week number 386. Enjoy…

Lamotte is kicking off again and we have Eddie Shannon in the studio, he has worked with BERG before and seems to be a much loved – I don’t really know him yet, all I have discovered about him so far is he takes three teabags in his tea.

Sinawava continues and Joe seems to be doing actual work this week as opposed to his usual endless schedule of meetings. The project is getting very exciting with high fidelity models and technical prototypes emerging by the day.

Paiute is getting a lot of attention from Jack, Denise and Alex not forgetting Pawel who continues to be fixated with look and feel.

Little Printer is edging ever closer to landing on peoples door mats. Andy, Nick, Alice and James have all got their sleeves rolled up and are tinkering with publications, BERG Cloud and Box build.

Matt Webb is getting involved with a new project called Oso as well as putting in time on Auryn and Lamot. He’s also looking into finding us a new home because by all accounts our lovely studio is getting knocked down in May.

Helen seems to be doing lots of different reports peppered with some accounting.

Simon appears to be doing almost everything.

I’m supposed to be working with Greg Borenstein on Auryn this week but due to a spot of rain in NYC  he couldn’t make it over to the UK. Seriously, good luck to Greg and everybody across the pond having to deal with the damage and chaos of Sandy.

That’s it, a short and sweet first foray on the BERG blog from me i’m afraid  – its a busy week…

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