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Week 385

So, it’s week 385 and here’s what’s happening in the studio.

Simon, Helen and I are drawing together the last stages of the Little Printer production following a cracking bit of field work done by Nick and Phil W. last week. Neil’s building up a sample of devices, two of which will be being taken to the Wired Test Lab event on Thursday evening (if you’re there, do say hello). Neil’s also unpacking some hardware we’re researching for the ongoing Auryn work with Greg.

Saguaro is moving on with Phil G. typing quickly, even by his own standards; Alex reviewing graphics with Denise – all of which is feeding into Matt Walton’s planning. Matt Webb will also be joining them, when he’s not ensconced in spreadsheets.

Alice continues to update BERG Cloud and the developer tools. James is battling nature to deploy fixes to server software and entirely new implementations. Every few days they post an itemisation of what’s changed to the studio mailing list, it makes for a lengthy but comforting read, ‘though we’re all doing our bit to ensure the list is never empty. Fraser is particularly good at this it seems as he continues to work with publishers and deals with incoming queries from the wider LP community.

The many streams of the Sinawava project: software, electronics, legal and model making are starting to be drawn together in more detail by Joe this week. I haven’t been around for Friday demos (the hour or so on a Friday afternoon when people can give a short update on any of the work they’ve been doing, particularly useful for those not involved directly with a project) for the last couple of weeks so I’m excited to see how things have been going. Also providing good demo material is the work that Pawel, Denise and Jack are doing on Piaute. Mark is talking to new and potential clients, making sure that the table of codenames grows. I think between us all and dropbox, we can just about remember them.

Roll on Friday demos, and Nick Ludlam’s Friday Links.

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