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The Chairman’s Birthday

It’s Warren Ellis‘s birthday.


Warren and BERG are intertwingled. We’re working with him on SVK, and he’s a massive influence on our thinking. One of our patron-saints in the realm of sufficiently-advanced literature – alongside Gibson, Sterling, LeGuin, Ballard, Morrison, Moorcock and many others. He’s also been a great friend and supporter of our work.

You might not know however, as he points out in this interview at Den Of Geek, just what a pivotal role he played in the formation of BERG…

One of the organisations that I’ve discovered through your blog is BERG, the design consultancy firm. And you’re collaborating with them on a comic called SVK. I was wondering if there was anything else you could tell us about that.

I really can’t. You see, I didn’t know this whole thing was going to happen, because, if I did, I would have tried to move it, because I’m under NDA or instructions not to talk about pretty much everything I’m working on right now.

It is the worst possible time to be doing two or three hours of phoners. What’s there to say about SVK – Yeah, it’s a thriller comic I’m doing with my old mate, Matt Brooker (D’Israeli), who I did Lazarus Churchyard with back in the day. And BERG will be publishing it. And there is a weird visual aspect to it that I can’t talk about yet, but if it works it’s going to be really kind of unique.

Some of BERG’s projects have been quite fascinating, so it will be interesting to see what they do with the medium of comics.

Yeah, I’ve known them for years. I knew them when they were still Schulze and Webb. In fact, it was me who named the company BERG. That was my fault! [laughs]

Happy Birthday Chief, from all of us in the studio.


Our friends at Tellart made something lovely this week.

“Bells” lets you compose a tune using tiny digital toy bells on the web, which will then through the magic of the internet, solenoids and electromagnetism play out in their studio on ‘real’ tiny toy bells.

I chose to render a version of “Here Come The Warm Jets” by Brian Eno…

Playing Eno with

And a few minutes later got to see Matt Cottam and Bruno ‘enjoying’ it in Providence, RI…

Playing Eno to Bruno


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