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Week 326

It’s week three hundred and twenty six! So what are we all up to?

Matt Jones and Joe Malia are spending the week on two simultaneous Uinta projects. Joe is also making some early inroads on a piece of Chaco work, and this project will grow to consume much of our time over the next month. So much so, that Matt Webb has had to organise us some overspill space in the building across the road, as we still have more employees than desks for them to sit at.

Alex Jarvis is spanning a multitude of work, including Uinta, SVK, Dimensions 2, and Weminuche. This is a heroic last push before he’s away next week on a well-deserved break.

Andy Huntington is concentrating on Weminuche, juggling circuit board testing, data sheets, and some CAD work.

Alice Bartlett is working on Weminuche, and will also be delving back in time, updating our original Dimensions 1 project, as well as starting some code-sketches on Android.

James and I are also deep in Weminuche. James is working on database changes to support the newly finished IA and I’ve been glueing together various pieces of the technical architecture with Python.

Matt Webb’s time is taken up by conversations with lawyers for a variety of reasons and he’s doing a sterling job masquerading as Simon Pearson in Simon’s absence.

Timo is working on the various threads for Chaco and is in the planning stage of some video work which kicks off shortly.

Kari is working on year-end financials and making sure our overspill office will be suitably furnished for the work happening in there. The effect a good sofa has on staff productivity should not be underestimated.

Lastly, the ebullient Tom Stuart is back with us for a final push on Dimensions 2, making design changes, and optimising the code and infrastructure to cope with the volume of traffic we’re hoping to get.

There’s an impressive roadmap of activity we’ve got mapped out for September and October, so if I were to characterise the mood in the office, we’re very much heads down.

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