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Week 325

It is week 325 at BERG. The number 325 is the same as the number in the year 325 AD, which is when Gladiatorial combat was outlawed in the Roman Empire. This week is the holiday season, so lots of people are away for all or parts of the week, Jones, Ludlam and Pearson are all taking rests.

Things continue to build across the various projects we have in hand. Everything feels larger than it did before, more potent and charged. Sometimes I wince with it like preparing to touch a metal button in a hotel lift with nylon carpets.

Andy is working on some special PCBs, we nearly have a final design for one set which means we can push ahead with prototyping in East Asia. This represents a tipping point for the project, most of the design and technical frameworks have been established in the physical. We are now at the stage of resolving problems and evolving a prototype towards production. Andy also ran a thirty meter ethernet cable from a little box along the ceiling and into another room. I’m told that this will improve things for Nick.

Alex is resolving the brand thinking for Barringer, it’s exciting to see a visual language grow around a product concept we’ve known for so long. Later in the week he will be sketching concepts for the early design thinking for Uinta which I’ll be working closely on.

Denise and James are chewing hard on the IA for Weminuche, this is a tough task with technical and behavioural overhead as well as some unresolved known unknowns. Alice is waiting for resolution on this like a coiled nuke.

Timo is directing some of the Chaco work. He and I met with Phil Baines mid week to discuss typographic grids for an article we’re writing.

Joe is back from holidays and beginning second phase video work with Timo and I for Chaco, his sketches are great. The milling machine purrs, phones buzz, Alice’s fingernails shine in an ocean of glamourless Dell monitors. Someone has stolen Nicks display port to mini display port cable. That is what’s happening.

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