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Friday Links

Time for some links! Denise pointed out this amazing video of the (planned) destruction of a shoe factory in Leicester played backwards, in slow-motion, which is as odd as it sounds, but strangely hypnotic when you’re also listening to the soundtrack.

Magnetic Void from James Miller on Vimeo.

Matt Jones pointed out (via @danmog) this vertigo-inducing high resolution picture of engineers fixing the antenna at the top of the Empire State building.

Alex Jarvis pointed out a video of a particularly scary deforestation proto-robot, the John Deere H414.

Lastly, Matt Webb pointed out Joe Hughes’ post on UI explorations with a MetaWatch. As Joe says in his post:

MetaWatch is a line of hacker-friendly wristwatches that can be paired with smartphones to enable new kinds of lightweight interactions.

That’s it! Have a happy weekend. It’s now time to join my colleagues at the pub.

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