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Friday Links

Yo, whassup?

My rhymes blow your mind and you think it’s tyrannical
If a rapper tries to step I’m gonna get puritanical
Flow so radical, make the fellas all company
My rhyme profile makes the ladies accompany
If you can’t handle this then you’re nothing but a diner
Sweeter than molasses, and stronger than a Shriner…

/drops the mic

Anyway. Enough about me. More about Friday links.
First up Alex shared the RapBot, a freestyle 80s battle rap generator (via BERG friend Ben Bashford). It works really well. And talking of both Ben and autogenerated text, I’m still enjoying Robot Bashford on Twitter.

Alex also shared a link to this animated gif of crowds leaving Wembley Stadium:

You have to watch it right to the end, when all the people are gone… (A little Friday humour for you there).

Simon reminded us that the Bristol Maker Faire is on 23rd March. and Fraser shared a link to the Kinetica Art Fair which has just opened in London.

Matt Jones (via Gene Becker & Nicolas Nova on twitter) sent us this video, showing stabilisation for spinning cameras:

And Andy pointed us at this video, containing a bike, a man and a very nice cat:

Matt Jones also mentioned the new Google+ Sign in, which is outlined on their developer blog.

And I think that’s it for now. If you’re still looking for something to read, earlier this week MJ posted a summary of some work we completed last year, for Google Creative Lab. It’s one hell of a blog post and has more links than you could shake a stick at.

Have a great weekend.

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