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Friday Links

It’s been a busy week as ever here, and so I’m writing these quickly while I’m backing up my laptop.
Why don’t you read these while you back up yours?

Here are the links this week as they arrived in our inboxes:

Dw: An overview of a new font design app

MW: The acquisition of Lanyrd by Eventbrite (Congrats from all of us!)
AJ: Surreal Animated GIFs of Faceless People With Moving Mechanical Parts in Their Heads
DW: Following on from a lunchtime discussion about the aesthetics of deserted cities in Elysium
MW: The Q Camera

DF: Zip bags from Japan (not to be confused with Heatherwick’s)
HR: Lovely drawings created by an illustrator and her four year old child

KS: Technology Will Save us Makathon

MW: An oral history of Apple design, in six parts. First four parts have been published so far, two to come next week.
Part one
Part Two
Part Three
Part four

That’s all for now.

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After this:

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