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Week 404

The temptation to leave this post blank, or not write it at all, was overwhelming this week – given the obvious HTTP status gag, but I couldn’t bring myself to.

Sunny All-Hands

Last Saturday we had our second Little Printer Hack Day, and although the kettle blew up 10 minutes prior to folks arriving, we are enormously thrilled with how successful the day was and how many good ideas came out of it. Alice wrote about it in lots more detail over on the BERG Cloud blog.

This week sees Andy at the soldering bench for project Kachina, making accidentally tuneful motors and strange hamster noises, whilst Neil makes sketches and models out of foam board. Nick, as usual, is helping make sure the digital nervous system that connects all the moving parts works seamlessly. They are a good team.

Jack has been helping Joe, who is creating a social network of all the apps and hardware on his desk, making everything talk to everything, some for the first time, and the result is called Kemp (not Ross, although there are some similarities…). In fact, everyone’s gone a bit multi-disciplinary this week. Jack even joined github.

Little Printer is stateside at SxSW as part of Hackney House Austin – so if you’re lucky enough to be there then do swing by to say hello. Back in London, work in the LP team continues on a chunk of new technical functionality, readying new shop additions and co-ordinating a couple of upcoming exhibition appearances.

Matt Webb and Mark have a busy week having various meetings in various places, like electrons – you know they’re there and feel their influence, but not quite sure where.

Matt Jones is in the middle of a big piece of writing about Scrobblers, and just brought some Revels in for us all. I hope I don’t get a coffee one.

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