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Week 403

This week the room is busy again, following a week of absences due to fungus and bacteria as well as a bunch of traveling around.

There is much talk of afterschool club and Saturday’s hackday. Alice and Simon are preparing the studio for forty people, we’ve been told to defrag our work places, and resolve any complex desk landscapes. Alice is also on the refactoring-dev-tools-for-bergcloud hamster wheel. I am told there are many tools, and much tippy tappy is required in order to refactor them.

Simon is back from holiday and spinning up his brain following a week of sanfranhangovers. Jones is curating a blog post discussing some work from a couple of years back that we’re able to show.

Andy, Neil and Mark are all working hard on Kachina

Nick and Joe are doing some fun wrangling with Unity for Kemp, and some hardware experiments with the iPhone.

Matthew is prepping for big meetings next week and working with lawyers.

I have spent twenty minutes trying to sign into WordPress and will now be doing the same for other web based workplaces.

Other people have other things to do, mostly on computers.

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