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Friday Links

Sunday is the new Friday, and at the end of a busy week, it’s always nice look to back and realise what a fab bunch you’ve spent it with. Of late, we’ve had lots of freelancers in the studio and these links are a celebration of a few of them.

Greg Borenstein, straight from the U.S. of A., who very kindly sent some last minute links to the group and reminded me that I should be doing this. Greg is being superman this week. Evidence below.

Ever been to an airport? Greg has. Ever seen carpet? Greg has.

Carpets for airports

Know species of bees that make plastic? Greg does. Nuff said.

From pollen to polyester

Saar Drimer has been making magical hardware things that I’ve pretended to understand for weeks now. He likes hot sauce and went to Lennie’s when no one else would. This week, Saar and Alex sent round links for designing circuit boards online.

Fraser Lewry, besides being master baker and all-round music aficionado, has been helping out with all things copy. He’s been writing our Little Printer blog for weeks and it’s worth Sunday afternoon read if you haven’t been keeping up.

Pawel Pietryka is nuts. He’s a bit German, bit Polish, and likes to make ze pardy. Aside from telling us to “Shhhhhtop it”, he’s in charge of making things look beautiful (and make them look beautiful he does). What’s funny about our relationship with Pawel is that he thinks we’re odd. This became apparent when he sent us all an email entitled ‘Explains some of your behaviours BERGlers

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