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Week 380

Oh how smug I felt to be second in this morning, spot on time, watching all the stragglers stumble in, rain pouring down their faces. How mighty was I, sitting smug and dry, on my new swivel desk chair. Self assured and warm, until the reminder from Simon (who was also on time, I might add) that indeed I had neglected the weeknotes that should have been posted last Tuesday. Last Tuesday, that’s pretty bad. So, tardiness, that is the topic this morning. Last week was a whole different affair…

Matt Webb spent lots of time out of the studio, at the Design Museum with other Matt and Jack on Wednesday, at a conference in Greece (ooh er) Thursday and Friday, and doing salesy / proposally things when not otherwise engaged.

Simon was doing millions of things (as ever), resourcing for upcoming projects, managing ones that are currently happening and making sure everything else was running smoothly.

New boy, Neil, was prototyping his mind off for Sinawava, he was also mumbling something about Movida but I didn’t catch what he said. (SPEAK UP, NEW BOY!)

Nick was finishing the bridge, planning when to visit Slovenia, working with James on final prep for the architecture, and both Alice and James on the prep for the Facebook hack day.

Fraser continued to blog his socks off and has been managing all our Little Printer queries like a silver-tongued machine.

Annika was finishing off her Pauite interviews and re-arranging post-its in a desperate attempt to make sense of the masses of information she’d extracted from people in previous weeks.

Pavel was aligning the tools and feel of the design for our Sinawava app. as well as doing some motion exploration (I saw him zooming around on his deskchair so I guess that comes under that).

Andy, like a dog with a hoover, was chasing plastics, testing electrostatic discharge, finding cork boards and ensuring certification for all the materials we’re using.

Alex was deep in Saguaro exploration as well as making sure all his Little Printer bits were looking ship shape before offing on his holiday to Spain. In a bizarre series of events it turns out Denise had exactly the same week lined up, but instead is off to Venice (alright for the design team eh?).

Jack was immersed in a pool of sales based endeavours and new product development, whilst taking some time to think over BERG’s design values.

Alice was rounding off publication bits and continuing to answer all tech related questions on the developer tools. She also spent some time on Vallecito and travelled to Oxford on Wednesday to point and laugh provide moral support for James, who was talking at a geek convention.

Beside the principal’s day out, Matt Jones was doing lots and lots of meetings and chatting to Pavel about the Sinawava app design.

Phil Gyford was working out how to display stuff in his one day in, before his one week off.

Matt Walton was thinking comparatively, resourcing and tidying up before his week off.

I was being ill and looking after an old dog (not a euphemism), as well as frantically making sure everything was up to date before Matt went off on his hols.


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