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Week 384

I’m pretty sure when I started here my weeknote-notes took up half a page in a small notebook. I’ve got a bigger notebook now, and I wrote two whole pages of notes on what everyone’s up to.

So what’s going on this week? The studio’s been pretty busy of late and today it’s pretty quiet – Nick and Andy are in Cambridge today for super important Little Printer EMC testing, Nick and Phil W were away earlier in the week streamlining our production lines and finessing the PCB flashing process for the LP Bridge, Joe and Simon are in Paris meeting developers, Matt Webb is sick (feel better!), and various other people are out for various reasons.

What are we all working on? Little Printer continues to be at the forefront of a lot of our minds as we press towards shipping. Late last week we rolled up our sleeves,¬†loaded a van up and sent the packaging and a few other components off to our box builders. Siniwava continues and develops, and is looking really really nice. Phil G’s been doing some sterling work on Saguaro as we move into the build phase. There’s various other projects ticking along which I can’t wait to hear a bit more about.

James Darling has bought himself a new pair of trousers which were the talk of the studio this morning, and our studio soundtrack for the early part of the week was Fabric 66 mixed by Ben Klock, which seemed to go down very well.

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  • 1. Laur said on 19 October 2012...

    The paper is important –
    You can find high quality thermal paper rolls for little printers on or ask to know our resellers in Europe.

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