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Friday Links

In typical January style everyone’s a bit all over the place putting into action all the bits they’ve been thinking about over Christmas but settling down nicely. In random mood fashion there’s been a whole bunch of odd bits shared since we got back.

My personal favourites are those shared by Denise. The first of which I can only imagine is a link to what she imagines people with iPhones get up to at the weekends followed by a link to a digital pencil microscope – that’s right – a HD Digital LED Microscope that looks like a pencil.

On a slightly more surreal note Alex shared what it would look like if a whole bunch of fireflies appeared out of nowhere, max’d up their glowing power, and stormed towards each other to create a black hole. At least I think that’s what it is.

From far off lands, Timo linked us to a short film entitled THE FUTURE OF CINEMA with Douglas Trumball followed up with a related article in which Jacob Kastrenakes points out that without realising it, in 24 frames-per-second films, ‘we’ve allowed ourselves to exist in an Impressionistic world of filmmaking’.

Matt Jones shared an abundance of links including:

a micro-examination of how the new gmaps for iOS displays maps by Mike Migurski

– an interesting piece from Twitter about how they’re going to monitor and utilise the live data from tweets

– a Japanese infoviz from 1887

– and a link for those not wanting to aggravate people when redesigning apps.

Joe forwarded a link to Teenage Engineering’s new, and lovely, wireless speaker. Slightly bizarre that the majority of the comments at the bottom are discussing the title of the article but a nice thing nonetheless. On a different subject entirely he also sent round a link to Streetview Explorer. An ‘old project that permits a new way to look upon Google’s visually arresting 3d flatland’.

Matt Webb shared a video selection of some e-things at CES as well as a link about why the width of his face doesn’t matter.

Andy, whilst using a hosepipe to suckle petrol from next door’s lorry, came across wireless device-to-device charging. Much more impressive.

We’ve also spent a little time reflecting on the wonder that is Kickstarter with a round up of the team, what it achieved in 2012 and a couple of current projects:

The world’s thinnest watch

 Good night lamp

Happy January all.

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