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BERG is looking for a game artist!

We don’t often post on our blog when we’re looking for folks to help out on projects – we’re blessed with a great network of collaborators, some frequent, some less regular. But sometimes acts of God happen, and a Game Artist we had lined up for some brilliant work with us has just been offered a year-long project of a lifetime! Which is super news for him! But it means we’re looking for someone to help us on a project which is slightly more humble but which still promises to be excellent fun.

We’re looking for someone to pick up a super, slightly unusual Android smartphone game which we’ve made an early prototype of, and to run with it to develop the visual design / graphics further for a new version of the game. It’ll be an 8-week contract gig ideally working here in our studio near Old Street, working to create simple, playful and characterful graphics with some animations, working with another game / UX designer here, plus sound designers. The game will be built by a development team based elsewhere who will be heavily consulted throughout.

If this sounds up your street (or up the street of someone you know), please get in touch with me at We’re looking for someone to start immediately!

Update on Friday 26 October: We have now filled this position. Thanks very much to everyone who helped spread the word and to those who got in touch  – I’ll be in touch individually with everybody over the next couple of days.

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  • 1. LaTorri Lindsay said on 23 October 2012...

    Hello Simon,

    I saw the blog post requesting an artist and would love to know more about the project. You can check out my artwork and UI design on my website to see if it’s at the caliber the team is looking for.

    Thank you,

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