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Week 313

It’s an extremely busy week here, so I’ll keep this weeknote short and sharp.

On Monday, Alex, Denise, Matt and Timo went to witness the first SVK comics coming of the production line at Pureprint in Sussex. They returned to the studio a bit wide-eyed and delirious, and not just because they had to get up at 7am to make the journey out of London in time; the comic looks beautiful, and we can’t wait to get it into people’s hands.

There’s now a flurry of activity from Webb, Denise, Simon, Alex and myself around how we organise the logistics of warehousing, shipping, labelling and packaging, and all of the other pieces of the “selling physical things” puzzle.

Webb is taking a well deserved break, and by now is refueling his brain in the Mediterranean sun. Just before he left, he took to the stage at the Serpentine Gallery for a discussion with Mark Leckey, and has also been strategising on longer term goals for the company.

Joe started off the week in self-imposed¬†quarantine, but pulled through and is now back with us, thinking around and feeding ideas into our Chaco work. Conversely, Timo’s now out of the office now, but spent some time filming the initial SVK print run, and we should hopefully see that released next week.

Simon and Andy have been on other aspects of the Chaco work, working with our external suppliers, and generally project managing the heck out of things, and in a similar vein, Kari has been chasing suppliers, and tending to the many HR and finance tasks.

Jones is off to FOO camp, but not before looking at potential studio space for us to translocate into, and working on sales documents with Jack and Webb. Jack has also been swapping between our ongoing Chaco work, and with his Facilities Manager hat on, fitting one last desk into our existing space, ahead of our new arrival. More on this subject next week!

That is week 313.

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