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Links for International Women’s Day

If you’ve missed that today is the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, well, you’ve not been spending much time on Twitter today, have you? Here are a few links in honour of the day:

Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn have started a movement with their book Half the Sky. (The title comes from an ancient Chinese proverb: “Women hold up half the sky.”)

When Fangirls Attack collects links (LOTS of them) to articles on gender in comics.

The Guardian list their Top 100 women. Tellingly, only two of the 100 fall in the category of Technology.

Channel 4 Food have a list of the most inspiring foodie ladies in Britain.

TEDWomen is a treasure trove of talks and performances by awesome, inspiring women.

Today is a great day to re-read Sojourner Truth’s 1852 speech Ain’t I A Woman. (Or, even better, hear it read by Maya Angelou.)

And finally, if you really have been absent from Twitter today and haven’t seen EQUALS‘ video of 007, er… Daniel Craig dressing in drag to make a point about gender inequality, please watch it now:


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