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Week 300

Three hundred weeks!

Everybody likes a number ending in zeroes.

Matt J and Jack are still in New York, where they’ve been teaching at the School of Visual Arts. They return tomorrow morning, landing straight back into the thick of things at the studio. (Well, they land at the airport really. They’re not falling out of the sky back into their seats, though it’s an amusing thought).

Matt W is also away, talking at FITC Amsterdam. He’ll be back on Thursday, I think.

Everyone else is here, and busy.

I’m working on Schooloscope this week – scraping new Ofsted inspections, little bits of maintenance. I’ve also been working around SVK – firming up the infrastructure around selling things. That’s coming together nicely out of several disparate pieces.

Alex is hard at work on various different design elements relating to SVK – working with advertisers, promoting the product, designing websites to sell it. Important stuff.

Nick’s darting around between a selection of technical prototypes, as well as ongoing work on Weminuche. Every now and then he waves people over to his desk to show us some magic working; every time we wander over, he shows us magic.

A box of fruit arrived this afternoon, which is all down to James. This scheme – wherein various people through Brig put a pound in an envelope, and we get a box of fruit delivered a week, has been christened Fruit Club; Alex even designed a logo. I am enjoying the fruits of Fruit Club as I type.

Workwise, James is attacking both Dimensions and Weminuche this week – the former likely heading towards a nice demo on Friday.

(We’ve started doing Friday demos – sometime in the middle of the afternoon, anyone who, on Monday said they’d have something to demo, shows it to whoever’s around. We usually all try to cram around monitors, or break out the projector; it’s really exciting to see work you’ve not been involved with emerging. James and I will definitely be showing things this week; there might be more Weminuche to show, too).

Matt B is mainly focused on Barringer, but he’s also got some fingers in SVK this week – including hitting “go” on some exciting buttons.

Last week, Kari was inside mass of dense accounting and reporting work, which has now been complete, and we await the results of it. This week, she’s writing a bit, keeping on top of admin, and keeping track of the flows of information and work, in and out of the company.

I went over to the studio doors just now, to check the list Kari maintains of what everyone’s doing – she updates it every Tuesday after our standups. At the top is the week number – and this week, 300 is in a different colour, a larger size.

Which made me smile.

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