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Friday links: Old Stuff vs. The Future edition

So what images, videos and links have been whizzing round the BERG studio this week?

Simon shared this article about the philosophy of human extinction. I’ve only read the first third so far, but am finding it quite a fascinating read. The extinction of humanity isn’t a topic I think about very often.

A topic I think about even less is automobile design, but I immensely enjoyed this interview with former BMW head designer Chris Bangle, sent to us by Matt Jones. Jones pulled out this quote:

Probably 25 years from now the critical issue in car design will not be: “electrification yes or no”, but “do the cars drive by themselves or not?”

Timo pointed us to There’s a good (?) way to waste time on a Friday afternoon.

Speaking of gifs, Joe sent us the link to this animated gif of a vintage Pioneer CT-F 1250 tape deck.

Joe was the king of “old stuff” links this week. He also sent us these two videos:

(More on that one here. Unlike Joe, I’m actually old enough to remember seeing that on Sesame Street.)

Matt Webb pointed us to Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling.

Nick shared Friend of BERG Dan Catt’s write-up of Diesel’s Days to Live Project which also involved Friend of BERG James Bridle. Here’s the direct link to the Days to Live project if you haven’t given that a go yet.

Last one this week: Simon, one of our resident musicians, sent us a link to this video of a Pendulum Choir. I just kept thinking about how they must have really strong neck muscles. (More on the project here.)

Have a good weekend!

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