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Week 411

“Andy’s looking a bit Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing,” quoth Helen. (Apparently it’s the black t-shirt.) And thus began our weekly All Hands meeting this morning.

Happy St George’s Day! It’s a beautiful day in Shoreditch.┬áThe sun is shining, the windows are open, the scent of blossoming trees wafts on the breeze… it feels like spring is finally here.

The beautiful weather certainly has had an impact on people’s moods. Yesterday at lunch time everyone sat around munching on their sandwiches and looking at their phones. Today people were conversing and joking and lingering. On both days Alice and Phil G were preoccupied with the Guardian’s Cryptic Crossword puzzle. Some things don’t change regardless of the weather.

Here’s the 411 (geddit?) on what’s happening at BERG this week in case you’re interested:

Jack: writing proposals for partnerships around BERG Cloud and the dev kits that we announced last week. He’s also spending a lot of time in meetings, meetings, meetings. (Possibly with you?)

Mark: sales, sales and more sales. Writing a blog post. Handling a small tsunami of interest that followed on from the announcement of the dev kits and #FLOCK.

Joe: doing some fun exploration of physical interfaces.

Adam: working on making the BERG Cloud Bridges more efficient and getting Kachina onto live BERG Cloud.

Alex: working on Remote v2 graphics and behaviours as well as the Dev Shield design.

Neil: doing some more work on #FLOCK. (A lot of people did good work to get #FLOCK into the world. Neil the Night Owl is probably the only one who consistently did so at 2:00am.)

Helen: running lots of numbers and figures around Little Printer second run production.

Fraser: Little Printer customer service & PR and doing some work towards making it possible to sell Little Printer in some more countries than those we are currently certified to sell in. (Fingers crossed!) Also working on the announcement of a product that will soon be going on sale. (Watch this space!)

Phil G: diagramming what happens when you subscribe to a publication for Little Printer and rationalising the code around certain publications. Also working on developing some new pubs.

Denise: planning for future IA around Little Printer and Remote. Also doing some development on the dev site.

Andy: working on the dev boards and Kachina and getting the workshop ready for Luckybite to move into this week. We’re looking forward to having them around!

Alice: working on the web shop for the product that will be going on sale soon as well as some publication changes on Remote.

Nick: chatting with the folks in Slovenia who are involved with Little Printer production (and will soon be playing their part in the second production run), working with Phil W and Andy on dev board firmware, and going to talk to some school kids about promising careers in hardware, software, etc. Here’s to the next generation!

Matt: enjoying a well-deserved holiday! Well, we know he’s on holiday. We trust he’s enjoying it. And we hope he’s not spending too much time looking at his email. (Matt!)

People are BUSY this week!

As for myself, I’m mostly doing my usual mix of customer service, diary wrangling and general studio management. Also compiling a long list of things that Matt has to deal with when he gets back. (It will wait, Matt!)

The forecast is for winter to return next week (ugh), so we’re enjoying the sunshine while we can. That may or may not involved bunking off early to enjoy a pint in the sunshine. I’ll never tell.

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