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Tuesday links

From Alex, the new XBox SmartGlass, the context-sensitive second screen app for iPhone / Windows Phone / Android.

‘… the brilliance of SmartGlass isn’t just that it’s capable, it’s that the experience always configures itself passively. “Entertainment is there for people to relax,” maintains Whitten. So SmartGlass isn’t filled with menus and app icons; instead, it just auto-propagates content to correlate with anything on the 360.’

James shared a link to dancer.js – a javascript API which provides real-time audio frequency data, allowing the browser to map it to any arbitrary visualisation. It’s pretty impressive (and unsurprisingly processor-intensive).

Joe shared some incredible photos taken from the International Space Station with a 10-15 minute exposure.

Finally, from Jack – a look at the WiiU Panorama View

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