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Week 390 and 391

Ten things that happened in the last ten days at BERG:

1) After an intensely busy time for the whole Little Printer team, and in particular Nick, Alice, Fraser, Helen and Alex, we finally began shipping. We celebrated with bunting! Today we started seeing the first pictures of Little Printers in the wild. Massively, massively rewarding. And, whilst we monitor our servers and publications and customer service channels, obviously, we’re also planning our next bits of functionality and shipments. More of that over on the BERG Cloud blog in due course!

2) Joe, Matt Webb and Matt Ward went to Sao Paulo for a workshop. It is currently 23 degrees warmer there than in London.

3) We said goodbye to James Darling and Pawel Pietryka. They are off to new exciting things, via jagermeister and beer. You should hire them both, if not for their amazing respective technical and design skills, then for their killer fashion instincts. They brought the Hip to BERG, in that they look like they’d be at home in an episode of Blossom from 1991. I miss them greatly.

4) Jack moved house. He must have lost his razor in the process; he is now the hairiest he has ever been. It’s quite something. In contrast, Matt Webb was on CNN last week talking about Little Printer looking very well coiffed indeed.

5) Andy returned from his most recent bout of The Babies (four people have caught The Babies this year at BERG, and Matt Jones is hoping to return next week after his case) and then lost half a tooth.

6) Eddie, Matt and Ollie continued to bring Lamotte a stage closer to real life with some focussed client workshopping (which involved a fair bit of giggling).

7) Saguaro was passed round for us all to play with and test, and it’s a beautiful thing. As that project nears its finish, we must say ‘see you later’ to Matt Walton and Phil Gyford this week, too. Hopefully, on the upside, that also means we can have some more cake.

8) The mighty Neil and Greg Borenstein wrapped up project Auryn last week – a challenging project, but one we learned a lot from.

9) Neil, Luke, Denise and Jack are all hard at work finishing up Paiute, for which Alice’s internet-famous nails are going to make another special appearance tomorrow.

10) Kari organised our Christmas dinner and also got us a brand new recycling bin!


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