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Week 366

Every time we do our all hands I try and rush us past the bit where we talk about the significance of the number associated with the week. Personally I find it boring. You can all go look at the Wikipedia page for 366 if you like, but since I am in the driving seat this week and I’m feeling scrappy, I’m not going to tell you anything about it.

This week sees the start of a new project, Antero. We have pulled in two superstars to help with it, James King and Phil Gyford. Phil is the reason I have a “Phil 4-eva” sticker on my laptop, I’m very excited to have the BRIG crossword team back together. James, I would say, is in my top 5 all time favourite Jameses. He is surprisingly tall, but has the approachability of a regular height person.

This week Simon is managing the certification for Little Printer, lots of pulling together of technical documents for submission to the Department of Safety First (I made that name up). He is also running planning meetings and chasing parts of the Little Printer component supply chain that are moving a little slowly for our liking.

Nick, CTO to the stars, has been at the front line of weird antenna problems, right down there in the hex dumps with Phil mining for bugs and frying them with his tremendous brain. It’s tough work and I feel for them, but they seem to have found a fix for last week’s problems and came in this week with the gusto of people who know they’re unstoppable.

James King is doing sketching on Antero. I don’t know if anyone has told him about Friday Demos yet, but I am hoping to see some of his work then. He is currently sat in Matt Jones’ chair whilst Jones takes a well earned holiday.

Alex is finishing some graphics for the Bridge. He’s waiting for some new sneakers in the post that he stayed up until midnight to order, I’m quite excited about seeing them. This week he is also helping me with the shop, cutting up assets for me to drop in to various parts of Shopify.

I am writing week notes. HIYAAA! Also chipping away at the shop from which you will be able to buy Little Printer, and putting the documentation for the Publications API in to a sensible and beautiful format.

Helen is doing ‘P11D’ forms. I have no idea what those are. I could google it, but I’m actually not sure it would aid my understanding. She is also putting together the annual return and, ominously, “making sure money comes in on time”.

Denise is working on Ouray. I can see her screen from my desk, there is some extreme cuteness going on for this project. She is also keeping her hand in Little Printer work, slinging out assets like a boss.

James Darling is working on what he describes as “either too secret or too obscure” for week notes.

Joe is wrapping up Sinawava and getting a haircut. Shepherding all the pieces of a project that started in the week I last wrote week notes is no mean feat.

Eddie Shannon continues to work with us on research for Lamotte. He was out last week, but now he’s back and aggressively making tea for everyone in the studio.

Jack is working with Denise on Ouray, watching over the finer points of Little Printer design, and sketching on Vallecito.

Absent form the studio this week are Matt Jones, Matt Webb and Andy. Jones is in a yurt (we think). Webb is in California for Foocamp and a holiday. Andy is in Shenzen visiting the factories making the Little Printer / Bridge casing. He’s also possibly eaten chicken feet.

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  • 1. MH Media said on 22 June 2012...

    Alice, thank you for giving us the only *real* update I’ve read in quite a while. To be honest, I’ve very little idea of the minutiae of launching a ground-breaking hardware product, but as a potential early adopter and a definite early “register-er for more info” I’ve been getting very frustrated at the silence.

    Sure, you can’t reasonably be expected to release an unfinished (hardware)printer, but an early look at an API for us small devleopers wouldn’t hurt, surely? We don’t all have megabucks development budgets, but many of us are capable of creating some great ideas, which could turn into revenue for us and printer sales for you in the future. I know you’re working closely with the Big Boys, but don’t ignore the Little Folk.

    If need be, make a dummy printer part of the API and I’ll see if I can get my data onto a strip of virtual paper. Whatever, but please give me/us a rough idea of what we’re going to need to do, and sooner rather than later.


  • 2. Matt Webb said on 22 June 2012...

    HI MH Media!

    There are more regular updates at @bergcloud on Twitter — please do follow that account if you’re a Twitter user!

    We’re getting ready to release API info – and more – and our “step one” is to have a sanity check with a few of our friends in the neighbourhood. So as soon as we’ve done that, we’ll get something over to you.

    You’re right, it will be the publications that come from *everyone* that make LP special. Thank you for being on the journey with us, and we’ll get you documentation soon.



  • 3. MH Media said on 22 June 2012...

    I see what you mean – I’m following on Twitter now..

    Can’t wait for the API – thanks for the feedback!!

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