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Week 297

After Jack’s wonderful entry last week, it’s now my turn in the new rota system. Stand by for action!

Dimensions phase two, last week’s unnamed mystery project, is beginning to build up momentum, with Alex, Matts J and B, and James currently sitting on the sofa, plotting and reviewing the first week’s development. Given the continuing interest in the first phase of the project, I’m really looking forward to watching this one evolve.

Matt Webb’s deep in the talk preparation trenches, ahead of his appearance at the Royal Institution on Wednesday, talking about domestic Artificial Intelligence. A number of us will be in the audience, and we hope you’ll be able to join us. It should be a great evening!

Timo is spending time with us this week, and he and Jack are flitting in and out of the office, working on Haitsu. They’ve turned our meeting room into a temporary film studio while they test out various ideas, and Timo’s lighting equipment is making the normally dark room shine out brightly across the office.

Matt Jones has been hard at work on SVK, and will be making some exciting announcements about it in a few days time, but I won’t say too much more about that here.

Tom is still in San Francisco until next week, and with his return, the studio will be at peak capacity, with all of the available desks occupied. Over the next few weeks, we’re wanting to pull yet more people into the studio to work with us, so it’s going to get very cosy in here.

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  • 1. jens said on 16 February 2011...

    Glad you’re posting week notes again. Keep inspiring!

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