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Final Friday links from Corsham Street


So we’re packing up and moving out, this is the last set of Friday links from Corsham Street. I’ll keep this simple.



Super Mega Mega Toaster from Scott van Haastrecht on Vimeo.

Naked gun iPhone attachments

The Story of my app

– Cat on a Roomba / Cats on Roombas

– Awesome projection bike lights

– Seeing in circles

Seeing in circles from Oscar Lhermitte on Vimeo.


The Death of Laptops

Wooden computers

– The sounds of algorithms

– Tube touch ins/outs

And finally – a few musical numbers that have been on the studio sound system to see you through the weekend –

Did the rounds months / years ago but Cyril Hahn’s remix of Destiny’s Child ‘Say my name’ is still very good

As is his remix of Mariah Carey (no really)

And finally because I make no attempt to hide that I love a bit of garage, NDREAD’s ‘About your love’ is a wicked little track.

Have a lovely weekend, we’ll see you next week from new BERG.

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After this:

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