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Friday links

It’s Friday. I wasn’t expecting that… It’s been a busy week. We’ve got demos any minute and so these are some links to give you a five minute break from your work too.

This week, Eddie shared a link to a game created for the Norwegian milk company, Litago, which uses players photographs to create playable platforming levels.

Andy shared a link ‘in equal parts OMG and WTF'; the papers selection for this years’s SIGGRAPH:

James found this Warner Brother’s site hiding at the back of the internet attic.

Phil G shared a Sound Slice, made by Adrian Holovaty, who (co)created Django, and and EveryBlock. A smooth interface, it lets you annotate guitar videos to help you learn new songs.

And Saar shared this a little while ago, but I’ve only just had time to watch it. Dumb ways to die.

I should to go. My head’s on fire. Have a great weekend.

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