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Week 320

Week 320, and there’s almost as many people in the studio as there was when I started here, back in week two hundred and seventy something. Most people are out of the office for some reason or another, which makes tea rounds a lot easier than usual. It’s gonna be a slightly empty office next week too, as myself, Jack, Matt Jones and Simon are off to the US for a few days of workshops. We’re currently listening to Hot Sauce Committee Part Two. I’ve been making people listen to David Rodigan’s Thursday night sets on Radio 2 as well.

I’ll start with the people not here. Jack & Matt Jones are currently in the US presenting something a great deal of the team have been working on for the last few months. I’m hoping Matt Webb is currently having a holiday and not working too much. Timo’s working out of the office this week, after going to the opening of Talk to Me at MoMA with Jack & Jones where a few of our recent projects are being exhibited, and working on Chaco related bits.

Joe is off today, but has been working on some Chaco related stuff, and is now working on a document trying to define our design process as a company – speaking to myself and Denise to try and solidify our ways of attacking design challenges going forward. It’s a hard thing to put on paper but will be fantastic to see progress, and also an essential thing to have sorted as we continue to grow as a company.

The back room (more commonly known as Statham) currently contains the mighty brains of Andy, Nick, Alice & James Darling – concentrating mostly on all things Weminuche. Andy did a bit of office tidying at the end of last week after a crazy few days. Denise is working with James on some IA and I’m working with Alice on some graphical elements. James is also doing some work on Schooloscope. I’ve been talking to Nick about cars in between his work on Weminuche & Chaco.

The mighty Simon Pearson is doing his usual brilliant job of herding our flocks of projects and making them work properly. He’s also been working with Kari running the customer service for SVK. He’s on a lot of conference calls trying to make things happen – and working with Denise on Suwappu. Kari’s only in for a few days this week, but keeping the office running like a well oiled machine as usual.

That’s it – I’m keeping weeknotes short this week. Super busy as usual but strangely quiet, at the same time.

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