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Week 319

So, it’s week 319. I’m pretty sure you know this already but just in case, 319 is a Smith Number, and perhaps more importantly, according to Wikipedia, the name of a song by Prince, that can not be found on Spotify.

The office is as busy as ever this week but, dare I say it, slightly quieter in terms of volume. Completely co-incidentally I’m sure, Matt Jones and Jack are in New York this week, taking workshops and visiting clients. They’ve sent word back home via a Google Hangout – which sounds like it was a pain to set up, but once it got going felt like “quite a nice informal way to video chat”. They’re getting a lot done over there, but we also have a sneaking suspicion they could be having too much fun.

It feels like a very collaborative week. We’ve just had an ‘all hands meeting’, and several people mentioned ‘being a sounding board for…’, which is one of the nice things about working here. It’s easy to ask opinions of others – and everyone is interested in everyone else’s ‘stuff’. There’s a lot of respect for the knowledge others have, even if the boundaries of people’s particular work disciplines are blurred.

In literal terms this week, the project code named ‘Chaco’ is taking up time from Joe, Simon, Andy and Nick. Each person is playing a very different role.

Weminuche is occupying the minds of Alex and Alice, James and myself, with a bit of extra time from Andy and Nick. Alex and Alice are working closely together on APIs and design and I’m working on IA with James, who very patiently listens to my latest master plan and either agrees or pokes my ideas with a big stick to see if and when they fall apart.

James is also working on Schooloscope, with some help from Nick. As well as Chaco, Simon is also working on some SVK customer service, and planning for new Suwappu and Dimensions stages.

Matt Webb is trying to go on holiday, but has managed to book himself into a hotel 3 blocks from the location of a client meeting with Jack and Matt J. We’ll see how well he manages to avoid them. If you’re in NY and spot him on the street, for heavens sake don’t mention work.

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