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Friday links: first-person music videos, biological lightpainting and synthesis…

Alex shared this music video by Biting Elbows. Imagine what would happen if The Office met Peep Show and Doom. The first-person perspective makes this really engaging.

Matt W shared another first-person video from Cinnamon Chasers. Dark and compelling:

Jones shared this beautiful biological lightpainting:

Nick shared Kevin Karsch‘s work on inserting synthetic objects into still images.

Jones also shared Slate’s Robottke experiment. How easily could you be replaced by a robot?

And finally, though you’ve probably seen it already, this is some quantised dubstep dancing that Matt Webb sent round early in the week. If this could be synthesised, it’d make a great music visualisation.

Happy weekends, all (and an especially toasty one if you happen to be in the UK).

Before this:

After this:

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  • 1. Hawk said on 1 October 2011...

    Concerning the first motion you have to take a look on Mirror’s Edge. It’s a video game and the concept is very very similar. Nice video anyway :).

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