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Week 329

Following a super-busy week last week, we’re barely pausing for breath in the studio.

Alice has her headphones in, whizzing up some javascript which will eventually be part of Dimensions 1. Alex, Matt Jones, Jack and Joe are busy sketching for Uinta, and all but Joe will be out of the studio having workshops with them next week. Joe and Jack are also continuing to hone the latest Chaco work.

Nick has skilfully managed to migrate all of us (and our various email setup preferences) to Google for Domains. It’s a fiddly and time-consuming task, but switching all our email and calendars is already making all our lives easier – especially mine. Being able to automatically see calendars reliably makes juggling the commitments of this group of busy folk that much easier.

James, Alice, Andy, Nick, Jack and Matt W are all working on various parts of Weminuche and Barry. I’m also paying close attention to these projects as we focus on what we need to talk about and deliver imminently. Andy’s making and requesting quotes, Jack is poking and pondering, James is refactoring, Alice is rendering, Matt W is communicating and numerating, and Nick is adminning. I think I just invented a new word.

Like many companies our size, we are more than the sum of permanent folk here in the studio. We work with a burgeoning group of occasional co-conspirators, and at this precise moment we’re working with a great number. A lot of my time is spent planning the work we do with our partners, involving the right people, putting in place the necessary documents. There’s a lot of that going on this week as we kick off another raft of making, primarily for Chaco and Uinta.

The latest project with Dentsu London is wrapping up this week, and Matt will be writing about that shortly.

Our new overspill studio is set up and is a hive of productivity. Now we have extra space, it’s easier for us to think through making. We can set up our prototypes and experiments permanently so we can revisit, tweak, tinker and revise without having to pack down and set up each time. It’s a very good thing.

Timo, Kari and Denise are all away having a rest. In the meantime their desks have inevitably been occupied by people and things.

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