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Thursday Links: a drawerful of photographs, fictional logos, flashy advertising, and space

John Kestner’s Tableau is a nightstand that drops photos it “sees” in its Twitter feed into its drawer, to be discovered by its owner. It can also upload images of things placed into its drawer. Kestner describe it as an “anti-computer experience”:

The nightstand drawer becomes a natural interface to a complex computing task, which now fits into the flow of life.


Matt J found this site collecting logos from through the James Bond movies. The Bond films are a franchise fascinated with branding and status; it’s great to see the branding of the many fictional corporations and firms in the franchise juxtaposed like this.

This BMW cinema commercial – produced by Serviceplan Munich – uses the after-image of text flashed at a cinema audience to reveal text to them only when they close their eyes. It’s a high-powered version of the Image Fulgurator, although here, the image is left in your sight (temporarily) rather than your photograph (permanently).


I loved astronaut Douglas Wheelock’s photographs taken from the International Space Station. This one (above) is of the Bahamas, but whether facing earth or the stars, his pictures are beautiful.

One more to end on: the moon.


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