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Week 409

Welcome to week 409.

Phil is now officially in the building. Described as notorious we’re glad he’s found a new home here at BERG.

Lots of projects keeping us busy in the new office, not least Kachina which is coming to a head next week, and Sinawava which we are hoping to move on to the next stage.

What’s keeping most of us busy are plans for the new Dev Boards (more to come on that soon) and a refresh of to give a better overview of how we talk about BERG Cloud.


Matt is mainly lunching and emailing and pivoting

Nick is mostly conducting end to end testing on Kachina, dev board meetings, and was last seen heading to an IoT event at Imperial College

Alice is starting a new BERG Cloud sprint, new publications display for remote and was receiving some sage advice on how to win at panels

Andy is dividing his time between Kachina and putting up shelves

I’m meeting clients working on our sales plan for the next 18 months and drinking lots of tea

Fraser is working his way through Zendesk emails and preparing a blog about submission process for publishers

Helen is going global on Little Printer fulfilment and looking at sales in other countries outside of the EU and US. Ambitious.

Adam is making sure Kachina talks to everything it needs to

Jack is doing sales and NPD and researching new components in his spare time

Alex is fixing up a new version of remote and preparing the new pages for

Neil is making and making and making on Kachina

Phil is learning Ruby and making publications, publications, publications

Denise is harmonising all of our sales and marketing

Joe started the week a poor ill person, but has bounced back like Tigger by time of writing

Before this:

After this:

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