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Friday Links

This is my first Friday links. First up is attention to detail which is something we all take very seriously.

Joe found this brief DVD extra from the excellent (and very Scottish) Brave from Pixar where they went to extraordinary levels of detail right down to the modelling of individual threads

A slightly longer example of this level of detail was picked out by James from back in the day on Wall-E.

It’s always nice to see something that we’ve put out in the world get picked up and adapted somewhere else. Timo found this library of objects inspired by our own iPad light painting.

This example even has an audio guide track to help with the painting.

Running Man from Hugo Baptista on Vimeo.

I’m writing this whilst BERG drive time plays in the background so it is fitting that two musical links tickled our fancy this week. The first found by Fraser suggests that;

“Now, for the first time in history, this compilation uses innovative digital techniques to convert historic “pictures of sound” dating back as far as the Middle Ages directly into meaningful audio.”

Not sure what that actually means but worth a look at

At the other end of the spectrum the good folks at Google Creative Labs have put together another Chrome experiment so you can ‘Jam’ in real time at I have it on good authority that if you hold down the keys A. C. I. D. at the same time you get an 303 drum machine as an easter egg (but that may not be true).

All around us we see the cost of new technology dropping precipitously, not least with the Txtr Beagle e-reader costing a mere £8 and which Jack found recently reviewed in the Guardian.

We were really impressed until James noted that;

“The txtr beagle can be offered at such a low price because its cost will be subsidised by mobile carriers. The beagle itself won’t be sold individually; you’ll only be able to get one is by purchasing it when you sign up for a mobile phone contract on specific carriers.”

So how much does it cost really?

Finally I’m very relieved to say that even your Jeans can now get involved in Social Media.

Denise found this over at PSFK and I’m sure you will be glad to hear you can share your ‘happiness level’ featuring eight different modes to choose from – how did we ever cope until now?

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