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Friday Links – Doomsday & Xmas edition

So apparently the world was scheduled to end today. I haven’t checked properly yet, our studio seems okay; the sky doesn’t appear to be on fire and no locusts have found their way in yet either. I’ll pop out for lunch in a bit and find out for sure, first I have to publish FRIDAY LINKS…

Sorry to disappoint all the people who diligently stockpiled supplies and nuke-proofed their garden sheds, but the 21-12-12 doomsday was first predicted in an issue of Gran’t Morrison’s The Invisibles and later verified by Mulder and Scully. The Mayan calender in fact goes on for another 7000 years or so.

DARPA and Boston Dynamics  have been continuing their ever enduring quest to create sky-net and released another video of ‘Big-Dog’. Now it responds to voice commands and is called LS3. At some point they’ll realise that they’ve just developed  a really, really expensive and slightly rubbish donkey. Don’t get me wrong, the work they’ve been doing is nothing short of amazing but Big-Dog has a long, long, long way to go before it could come close to being able to do this.

NASA have been working on allowing their astronauts to squat, lunge and sit cross legged with a delightful new space suit, Don’t get too excited, you may have seen it before…

This is supposed to be a Xmas edition of Friday links so here is a video of people punching, massaging, stretching and throwing giant lumps of sugar  as well as a link to some wonderfully festive ‘ChristmasGifs’ for you to send to your friends and loved ones.

Merry Xmas!












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