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Week 414.

Taking Alex’s lead (oops) here are last week’s notes:

The 2nd Little Printer run is rolling on and Helen has been steering the good ship, ensuring the various parts don’t lose momentum. It’s a good chance to review the processes involved in bringing it into the world.

Matthew was out in various meetings and interviews. For the most part discussing this and latterly this. Mark’s been involved in such things too, among myriad other avenues of exploration.

Neil and I have been wrapping up some of the finer details of Kachina in time for delivery to the first recipient. Neil’s also been working on an as-yet-un-code-named project with Jack: much sketching. I’ve also been working with Phil W. on the BERGCloud hardware dev tools and doing some specific factory wrangling.

The illustrious Adam and Alice have been making some obvious and some less obvious improvements to remote and the BERG Cloud infrastructure in general. Nick’s been on that too, as well as prepping for some upcoming talks. Fraser and Kari have been fielding Zendesk curveballs and shipping out our paper refills. By the end of the week, Phil had was able to show us some of the cracking publication work he’s been doing (and you can see some of it too) at our delightful cheese and wine demos. See?


Joe and Denise have been working on another Uinta project which has been coming on nicely, and Denise is also collating interesting family-based uses of Little Printer. If you’ve any stories you’d like to share then please get in touch.


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