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Friday Links

It’s Friday 13th, and at the time of writing, all is well. There will be thirteen of us around the table for demos later on though, and if the Last Supper or Norse myths are anything to go by, Wikipedia doesn’t fancy our chances. Better get on with Friday links while I still can.

Simon started the week off with the Hackday Manifesto. A handy list of things to think about if you’re organising a hack day. (One of the more memorable hack days I attended got struck by lightening. It sent the building into panic mode and large vents opened in the roof as the rain fell on our laptops. It’s not on the list, but try to avoid that if you can.)

Nick sent around this video of a robot…

…And Alex spotted a ham boning robot in the related links.

Andy, shocked to find that ‘it’s not all internet of things and albums on Kick Starter’, shared a link to the Sisters of the Lattice: Mystical Conjoined Twins Tour + Film, and Alex got us back on track with Pebble, an E-paper watch for iPhone and Android.

I enjoyed this lovely use of ASCII on Twitter, spotted via @mildlydiverting. Use the J key to go forward, and K to reverse.

MW returned from the USA to share these optical illusions with us, and MJ finished up with texts from dogs.

That’s all for now – we’re just discussing boiling a can of condensed milk for four hours, so I’d better go.

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