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Friday Links

In this weeks links we watch the weather float by with Poietic:

Take a tour of the giant-abandoned-nuclear-power-plant where they filmed The Abyss.

Get under the skin of the ‘Hands’ scene from Labyrinth.

See the original sketches for the Back to the Future II MAG shoes.

Head out on a quest for the aurorae.
(Royal Observatory Greenwich/ Lonelyleap, incorporating time-lapse footage of aurorae by Ole C. Salomonsen’ Produced by Anne Hollowday)

Denise points us towards ‘a robot autonomously folding a pile of 5 previously-unseen towels.’

Mull over a blog entry from Bryan Clark about the need to create systems capable of negotiating with users.

“I always advocate against simple (and especially modal) dialogs in user interfaces because they aren’t there to help the user get past the problem, more like work through the emotional issues the software is having.”

Finally, in the studio we drink a lot of tea so the subject of a tea-making-robot inevitably cropped up.

Timo compiled a list of links to get a sense of how far humankind has got in this great endeavour.



An industrial robot in 1988:

Another ABB industrial robot:

A speculative teapot carrier

Have a great weekend!

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