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Week 401

Notes from the red table.

Alice Bartlett : Berg Cloud and Little Printer. Preparing for, and generating publicity for, the forthcoming Little Printer Hack Day.
Nick Ludlam : Saguaro, Kemp, Berg Cloud. Implementation of developer kit. Prototyping.
Helen Rodgers : Little Printer. Following up emails. Putting in place an inventory system.
Neil Usher : Kachina and Little Printer. Prototyping phase. Repairs.
Andy Huntington : Kachina, Little Printer, Kemp. Preparing dev board. Chasing up paper.
Fraser Lewry : Berg Cloud and Little Printer. Communications. Zendesk. Customer care. Blog.
Adam Johnson : Berg Cloud and Little Printer. Alleviating reliability problems.
Mark Cridge : Chevelon and Berg Cloud. Business and client relations.
Joe Malia : Shiprock and holiday. Final concepts for presentation.
Jack Schulze : Shiprock, Chevelon, Berg Cloud. Sales and presentations.
Matt Jones : Shiprock. Presentation.
Denise Wilton : Chevelon. Presentation.
Alex Jarvis : Berg Cloud, Little Printer, Saguaro. Preparing site update.
Matt Webb : Berg. Business planning.

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