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Week 327

As the faint embrace of another apocryphal summer yields slowly to Autumnal overtures, the studio continues to crackle with activity and electricity.

Messrs Schulze and Arnall conjugate stories with technology for Chaco by focusing light onto semiconductors.

Jones cleaves a path through the reticular branches of Uinta.

Andy solicits a new computer to transmogrify pixels into atoms.

Denise continues to artfully assemble Barringer’s style and savoir-faire.

Simon returns from an American intermission to a freshly embroidered BERG working jacket.

Alice nourishes Barringer with fresh data and eases past her three-month milestone.

Alex is probably horizontal somewhere sunny.

Webb weaves with celerity between Chaco and Uinta meetings.

Kari administers company financials and gracefully handles SVK customer service.

James releases a product into the wild and continues to establish the Weminuche architecture.

Nick speaks fluent Computer to charm the online shop into submission.

And I drew a picture of a man with bendy limbs.

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