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Week 324

Another Harshad number.

The weather can’t decide if it’s on holiday or not. Some of the studio can. Nick is enjoying some very well earned time away following a stint of work on Uinta and a cracking Friday demo of the latest Weminuche manoeuvres. That leaves Alice and James valiantly coding to great effect. I may even have seen a fist bump as items literally drop off the todo wall.

Work on Barringer is gaining greater momentum as Alex’s beautiful graphic directions are being chosen, Denise’s AIs unpacked, provisional tools commissioned, part numbers accumulated, circuits checked, unboxing explored.

Jones, Kari and Simon are all out from the end of the week. This means there’s a reasonable amount of prepping for the smooth running of the studio in their absence. On the whole though, it’s nice to have a room which isn’t so crowded. It feels like there’s a bit more space for some of the smaller, quicker projects simmering away too: Timo and Jack conspiring with Jones. Timo also keeps hinting that he’s working on a blog post…

Matthew, following on from the high of the cricket result, is continuing to interrogate information architectures, talk with lawyers and accountants, in addition to the ongoing search for a larger studio space.

All. Good. Stuff.

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