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Late Friday Link

After an epic weeknote I’m going to keep this one brief.

This week Durrell Bishop of Luckybite contributed an excellent article to Imperica on the subject of ‘augmented print’. It’s well worth spending a bit of time with.

Timo has picked out a few choice quotes.

“What if there was a generic tool to link the digital and the physical worlds? A way to touch an object, to select and see its digital augmentation? It would just send a message via your chosen device: laptop, mobile, home wifi et al. The equivalent of a digital finger. Passive objects would act as physical buttons to the digital world. All that these objects would require is that we perceive their purpose, and see how to act on them. We would need to have an accessible tool to make our selection, and carry out the link between the two worlds.”

“I still believe that, at some point, we may live in a society where most objects are visibly augmented with digital information; where objects are direct access to sites, services, sounds, applications and actions.”

“Eventually the physical object becomes what it does and in our minds you no longer see it as a set of mechanisms. It simply becomes its purpose.”

Durrell calls product design:

“a profession which I learned all-too-often to mean the design of consumer experiences: a type of technical, stylised, packaging and marketing.”



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