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SVK at the printers, next stop: warehouse

Last week we visited Pureprint who are brilliantly managing the complex and specialist task of printing SVK with invisible inks. We documented the comic going through the handsome machines of the printing world:

As well as being an investigation into printing and optical experimentation, SVK is a test of our own supply chain management and product launch processes. Today has been named “SVK Friday”, we are all working together on getting SVK a bit nearer to launch.

We have a whiteboard full of todos; press releases, web, blog, print and email copy, a photoshoot, a website, email templates, postal and shipping tests, managing warehousing and fulfillment, advertiser relations and customer support infrastructure.

SVK Friday

Setting up direct sales like this is new for us, and there are still final tests to do and kinks to iron out to make sure that an order on a website results in an comic in your hand. More news as it progresses!

Before this:

After this:

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  • 1. JetPack said on 17 June 2011...

    Be sure to warn us ahead of time on how to order our copies. I don’t want to be the only one without one.


  • 2. Matt Webb said on 17 June 2011...

    Sign up at! It’s a one-shot email notifier — we’ll let you know as soon as SVK is on sale. It’s mail order only, and you’ll be able to buy it from that same website.

    (We’re doing our final tests now. The warehousing stuff needs a little ironing out to make sure it all works.)


  • 3. Hank Kuhfeldt said on 17 June 2011...

    I cant imagine how much of a pain in the ass it is to keep register with the UV ink without using a UV light.

  • 4. Dan Bullock said on 27 June 2011...

    It sounds like a massive, crazy job so absolute kudos to all the hard work!!

    I’m still, very much, looking forward to getting one of these in the metaphorical flesh.

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