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Week 312

So, week 312, and we’re into the first week of June. We’ve got a very full studio this week, so a lot of weeknotes… here we go.

It’s Simon’s first week here! He’s our new Project Manager, and has been getting to grips with everything we’ve got going on in the office – having lots of meetings with everyone to work out where we are, and working some magic to get us all in order. This is a good thing.

We’ve got Tom Stuart working with us for a few months too. He’s currently working on turning Dimensions 2 into a real life thing, which is totally fantastic to watch as it grows and develops. He’ll be working on a few other bits for us in the coming months.

Matt Jones has been working with Jack & Timo on various aspects of Chaco, keeping an eye on Dimensions 2 as we make progress, and speaking to a lot of people old and new for various projects.

Denise has been working on the production and operations of SVK, which is tantalisingly close to being an actual product in the world. She’s also been working on various bits and bobs for Barringer which continues to bubble along nicely. It’s so nice seeing people smiling at the things on her screen.

Joe finished work on Uinta last week, so we went to the pub. This week he’s got his head stuck into certain aspects of Chaco – drawing a lot and looking at nice books… it’s already looking very, very interesting. That’s why I love this place.

Kari is working on what we now know as ‘the usual’… which turns out is a massive, important, complicated list of things that keep the office and the company running, and us all sane. She also baked some cakes for Simon’s first day on Tuesday which were pretty tasty.

Matt Webb’s been chatting to Simon a lot as we start to hand over project management to his capable hands. He’s also catching up with Dimensions 2, and doing a sterling job keeping us as a company running along.

Nick’s been speaking to a lot of people about Chaco and working with Jack, Timo & Andy on the next few weeks, and working wonders with Availabot & Weminuche.

Jack’s been working on Chaco with Timo, Joe and a few others, and with Timo on a new bit of work.

Andy’s been working on Chaco as well, doing a lot of wrangling with hardware manufacturers, and prodding people about PCBs.

Timo’s also been working on Chaco… doing a lot of prototyping and design exploration which is looking incredible. He’s also been working with Jack on the upcoming bit of video work.

I’ve been working on a couple of last bits for SVK, and getting back into Dimensions 2 – working with our researcher and Tom to help pull everything together, and a bit of Chaco. I also popped out on Tuesday to the LCC for my last session on the project I set some 2nd year FdA students, which I’ll hopefully be writing about on here when it’s all handed in.

James has been working on various aspects of Weminuche in the back room with Nick, Tom and Andy – which I hope we’ll see in our Friday demos. He’s also got a snazzy new pair of trousers.

That’s week 312. A busy studio, a bit of sunshine, and a lot of work. All is well.

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