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Week #299

Everyone in the room has gasped at least once this week.

I’ve just glanced over Nick’s shoulder. Every time I look, he’s working on something different. Many, many strange and brilliant things are brewing in the dark recesses of his terminal windows.

Out in the room known as New Statham, Weminuche grows. We all creep in, feeding it with whiteboard drawings, spreadsheets, gantt charts, collaborative experiments and wordplay. Some weeks it simmers; other weeks, people stride out, fists clenched in triumph. That’s happened more than once.

Kari continues to tame the beast that is managing the studio. Her work this week has looked even more intense than usual.

Alex and James glide back and forth between desks and whiteboards, sharing and iterating code sketches, drawings and animations. They’re at the point where they’re starting to really crack the back of something, and keep revealing things that make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up a little.

Tom is in deep integration mode, tightening the bolts on structures and systems that will fuel BERG’s longer term plans, occasionally looking up to send the usual brilliant, obscure links around the studio mailing list, before diving back down, brow furrowed, earphones in.

There’s a little sneak peek at SVK, the comic we’re publishing with Warren Ellis and Matt Brooker, in this month’s Wired. I’ve been helping to pull the various strands of it together over the past few months, and from where I’m sitting, it looks to be an absolute belter.

Mr Jones and Mr Schulze are in New York, teaching at SVA and scheming on new projects. They’ll be back mid next-week with tales of derring-do under the influence of weapons-grade Haribo.

Mr Webb has been zipping around, having lots of meetings, each time coming back into the room wide-eyed with new possibilities. I would love to be able to jack directly into his brain this week.

The room has been calm, yet fizzing with energy.

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