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Friday links

Hello! Here is some scoopage from the studio mailing list this week.

Timo, Einar and Jørn launched their new, beautiful lightpainting film looking at the invisible terrain of WiFi networks in urban spaces:

Mr Jones found this delightful little idea for an RFID record player by Bertrand Fan:

Tom spotted these magical ‘diorama maps’ of London and Tokyo by Sohei Nishino:


Everyone enjoyed Alice Bartlett’s “machine that dispenses chocolate according to nice or mean things that people say on twitter“…

All of it

… and here is a 3D macro lens.

Also, we have been listening to some Justin Bieber slowed down 800%, playing a lot of Tiny Wings, and watching some workmen practicing capoeira outside in the street.

That is all. Happy Friday!

After this:

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