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Week 298

Week 298 and I think we’re all experiencing a bit of emotional fatigue. In just the last five days we’ve been tossed between sadness at the news of colleagues leaving us and exhilaration from incredibly exciting, almost-too-good-to-be-true news and opportunities. It’s all a bit much, really. But we’re pushing on. It’s Tuesday and everything is ticking over. However, as Matt Webb pointed out on Twitter last week, there’s a decent chance that by Friday everything will have gone completely mental again.

With Tom back from his California escapade, we are once again completely full up in the studio. So full, in fact, that Matt Webb has had to sacrifice his desk – bless him – and is working from the sofa as we await the delivery of a couple of new desks.

Matt working on the sofa; beneath him is the fabulous map blanket by our friends at Pistil SF

In project news, SVK is getting tantalisingly close to it’s formal introduction into the world. Matt Jones, Matt Brown, Alex and Tom are all hard at work on the various finishing touches and bits that need to be in place on our end. Of course Warren Ellis and Matt “D’Israeli” Brooker are doing the heavy creative lifting on that one, but since they are toiling away in their own locales, we unfortunately don’t get to see the day-to-day progress of their work.

Jack and Timo’s work on Haitsu was nearly derailed by a combination of missing HMRC paperwork and an incompetent UPS delivery person, but they persevered and are making progress on that. Moments ago I witnessed them totally geeking out over photographic equipment.

Matt Jones, Alex and James are doing more sketching and scheming around Dimensions II in preparation for a presentation later this week.

Weminuche is a many-tentacled hydra that continues to take up a lot of the studio’s time and attention, and some of our incredibly talented partners on that project have been spending time in the studio lately to feed into various bits, push us out of groupthink mode and help solve problems in ways that only they are able to. We are very grateful for their input.

(Sidenote: I’ve been reading Steven Johnson’s Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation, and it’s been really fascinating to see a lot of the things he talks about playing out in real time in the studio. If you are in any sort of creative, innovative field and haven’t read it yet, by all means add it to your reading list!)

Elsewhere in the studio brainspace pitches & bids are being assembled, legal matters are being worked out, teaching content is being prepared. And underlining all of it is good music, plenty of laughter, and genuine affection for each other. There are going to be massive changes coming to the studio soon. As I type this, though, everyone is simply focussed on the task at hand, keeping all of it ticking along. If everything is mental again come Friday, we’ll deal with it. Because that’s what we do.

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